Weed Abatement

Weed Abatement is the process of eliminating dry grasses and plants within 30' of your home or structures. It is imperative to truly have a defensible space.

Field Mowing

With our tracked machine we can easily handle mowing fields as well as the steep terrain we have in the foothills. Year after year our regular clients call at the end of spring for our mowing services. Once the grasses have dried, it is the best time for mowing. Mowing dry grass makes the most sense financially, but comes with a high risk of fire. That is why we have 250 gallons of water with a high pressure fire pump on our service truck, as well as a fire suppression foam unit mounted on the tractor. In addition to the reduced risk of fire to structures, mowing is also aesthetically pleasing. Call for an estimate while the grasses are green. This service should be performed as soon as the grass dries for reduced fire hazard.